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Our Special Project is about Growth.
A developmental growth out of the ordinary, an education in one's own awareness that comes out of the Standardized Schemes. 
The pedagogical project is aimed at all those children from 12 months to 5 years old who for whatever reason cannot stay within the proposed school model, whether it be for Behavioral, Emotional or other reasons. 
Or again, a parent who prefers an environment composed of smaller numbers with reduced operator/child ratio, or simply, a parent who is looking for a more personal path for their child. 
Specifically, our offer consists of a series of permanent workshops led by a multidisciplinary technical staff that through their specific skills and the exchange of knowledge between the various operators aims to go to see your child as a whole, understand the best path for him and from there grow together. 
The purpose is to foster socialization, to educate autonomy and freedom of choice, and to enhance the expressive abilities of each child
The proposal of this service is flexible to the needs of parents:
A parent can choose to have their child participate in 1 or more activities.
The workshops are offered in the mornings, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
At Atelier we promote the direct experience of doing; we make things and by doing them we learn.
Aware of what we experienced, aware of how we experienced it and what we felt in doing it.
We professionals do nothing but practice together with your children what is simply the practice of living ,so that each of them may have the necessary tools to claim their right to exist
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