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Atelier del bimbo

Atelier del Bimbo was founded by Isabella, the founder, with the idea of creating an emotional place: growing up is a wonderful adventure in which every child has the opportunity to discover his or her strengths, and to learn day after day to become grown-up and achieve new goals. Atelier supports children in their growth, offering educational and creative activities. 
"Atelier cresco" is the supplementary and experimental early childhood service; it takes place in the morning and is reserved to children from 12 months to 36 months. Young children can enjoy playing and experiment with many new activities. It is not a kindergarten nor a babyparking centre, but a place where children can feel "at home" and where parents can leave their children in the hands of a qualified and competent staff. 
"Atelier Imparo" is the afternoon space for children aged 3 to 5; here they have the opportunity to enjoy activities in three different areas: creative-artistic, physical and musical. The teachers are highly qualified in their specific areas of teaching and learning methodology for young children. Thanks to their experience, children can learn through playful activities and develop their skills, both physical and intellectual.
The "psycho-pedagogical" assistance is a support service for parents: our psychologist Dr Valentina Argentieri is available at different times of day with listening and support activities aimed at helping parents in the growth of their children, listening to them and giving them suitable tools to help them face all the stages of growth and development of their children.
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Our value

We believe that every child, when educated to listen to himself and stimulated through play to develop his personal talents, will grow up to be a happy adult. We all have attitudes that are often not listened to and developed and turn into regrets.

Our vision is "to create a world of happy adults" and our mission is "to support, day by day, the children of today... Who will become those satisfied adults of tomorrow!

Through play, we teach children to get to know each other and relate to each other: through the various activities on offer, the little ones learn to be so cooperative.
We support children and their parents: thanks to our flexible timetable, the quality of the offer and our continuous effort to innovate by also looking at the world, we try being a link between parents and children: the parents can be relaxed in the management of their time but also updated on the activities carried out by their children.
The children, on the other hand, can enter a world similar to that of Alice in Wonderland, where they can socialize, have fun and engage in a variety of new activities that conduct them to gradually recognize who they are.

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