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Atelier Cresco

Atelier Cresco is a social promotion association that focuses on Education.  

What happens in Atelier between children and teachers is an exchange of consciousness and knowledge between the parties.
We believe that the freer one is to be oneself, the closer we get to our happiness.
In this the child is master, because he is already free.
A child does not have masks or conditioning that over time then as he grows up are created in adults.
In this case he is the master and we adults are the learners.
A child, however, must learn how to be in a society, without losing his uniqueness--and this is where the child is the pupil and we adults are the masters.
In order to be able to fulfill this role, it is crucial for us to be our own first pupils, and for this to embark on a path of personal and then group growth constantly, followed in turn by specialized professionals with 20 years of experience.
This is crucial in order to be able to see, recognize and finally accept our personal masks and conditioning, to be able to access our childlike side, while maintaining adult awareness, which is thus transformed into wisdom.
By combining the child's freedom of expression and the wisdom of us teachers, magic happens:
We grow together, and always together we experience what is the practice of living.
Thus, we do not have an instruction booklet or a defined program.
It is the child who guides us on what to work on every single day by bringing us his or her own daily experience.
We educate children and parents to live vi their daily life to the best of their ability.
The founding fathers of this reality are I, Isabella, and Alberto, two specialized professionals with diverse experience in the pedagogical and therapeutic field.
Our proposals are divided into three major branches: 
1 - In the afternoons we offer extracurricular activities with educational purposes.
2 - On a scheduled schedule we promote meetings aimed at talking with parents to provide them with tools on how they can optimize the daily management of their children at home . 
3 - In the morning we do School for Children. 
A school, however, that has nothing to do with today's schools, a school completely out of the ordinary, a school of 2021
Let me explain further:
Today's school as a curriculum for the 12 months 5 years age group includes the achievement of these macro goals:
- knowledge of the world
- discourses and words
- the self and the other
- images sounds and colors
- the body and movement
Universal, and unambiguous goals.
The difference lies not in the missions, but rather in the approach with which Atelier Cresco works.

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Our value

Why do I Isabella do this?
Because for me to have the honor of accompanying every child in following their dreams, empowering them and supporting them in reality is life energy. Someone important to me brought out the best in me and I love doing that with children.
Why does Alberto do this?
Because Alberto in doing his work has fun. He likes to listen to what the child has to say, to look at the whole child. He likes to live the work in the moment, because there are no instruction manuals on how a child might present himself in school today, he is the one who leads and he is always the one who solves.
So why did we establish Atelier?
Because we believe that the freer you are to be yourself, the closer you get to your happiness, and we simply needed a space where we could make that happen.
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