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Isabella Iè

European Classical High School Graduated

Isabella Iè, born in 1987 Arzignano (VI), grew up in the Vicenza area and then moved to Verona for study reasons, where she then stayed.
Graduated in European Classical High School, she then continued her studies following a law course at the University of Trento.

Where does the Atelier Cresco idea come from and why?

Here is part of the interview written from Isabella:

I strongly believe in young people and their potential.

I am strongly convinced that our family, putting us into the world and educating us, provides us with the foundations on which to build our US and what we will be when we grow up. 

In my specific case, although born and raised in Italy, I come from a multicultural family. In fact, my mother is Italian, my father from Guinea Bissau, Africa. Their socio-cultural background has always been radically different, and therefore every communication needs to be interpreted and explained. 

This life experience of mine taught me the importance of being able to call emotions, situations, by their name, in order to evolve as an individual and as a person. There are fewer and fewer people who dream and who know what they would like to do when they grow up, this, in my opinion, happens because they are distracted or not very stimulated. 

Nowadays it is very important to know how to listen, to have the right emotional and rational balance, a fundamental element for me for balanced growth. The talent that is in each of us if recognized and stimulated can bring the individual to its maximum flowering, as much as it can make him unhappy and frustrated if it is ignored.

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