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ATELIER DEL BIMBO becomes ATELIER CRESCO APS: the story of an evolution.

Atelier del Bimbo was born in October 2017 thanks to the efforts of Isabella, the founder; a project designed for the very young in order to give a concrete answer to their needs and to promote a culture based on the rediscovery of emotions. The idea behind Atelier del Bimbo is to provide a personalised service based on the needs of the individual: every child and every family is unique because their synergies are unique.
The idea of a static educational offer is in complete contrast with the world we live in, which is constantly evolving and undergoing constant change: just think of the last year, how our lives and those of our children have changed. Atelier's mission has always been to "accompany each child in his or her unique and wonderful life journey". We have always supported children in their growth, helping them to overcome their weaknesses and motivating them to cultivate their personal talents.
Atelier del Bimbo's offers have always been flexible, leaving space for the nature of the individual child and taking into consideration the real world in which we live. Above all, they aim to help them discover who they are and teach them to treasure their emotions, respecting diversity. The individual value scale of each of us defines who we are, how we are regarded and how we will cope with the trials that life throws at us.
And because it is important to always be open to change, we have accepted this new challenge with our same energy and determination: our new reality, Atelier Cresco Aps, was founded. Our mission does not change, we are still at the service of children and families, but with a more organised offer and new projects that we will soon introduce to you, also dedicated to environmental education and psycho-pedagogical support.
Our staff has not changed either, the professionals who previously worked at Atelier del Bimbo will all be at Atelier Cresco, with a few new additions. We are also growing, we have many new ideas to offer you, and we want more than ever to continue to be a reference point in Verona for families and children. Mums and dads, boys and girls, don't ever forget. We are always at your service, with you and for you.
Ready to embark on this new adventure with us! 
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