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The presence of a professional team guarantees an harmonious growth of children as a primary common goal, in a warm and welcoming environment.

Our Staff, through periodic meetings with parents, works precisely to offer them useful tools to deal with certain dynamics, helping them to find solutions in harmony with the stages of growth of the children and the skills of each child: if it is true that in the educational field there are general guidelines it is also true that every child is unique and unrepeatable, for this reason it must be treated with reference to its context which is equally unique.

Each child goes through delicate stages during their growth process.

The staff's goal, is to:

- provide parents with adequate information regarding the developmental stages of their children

- offer a space for non-judgmental listening and the possibility of verbalizing one's own difficulties as a parent

- provide parents with suitable tools to overcome critical issues

- support the parent in discovering their personal and educational resources

- contribute to the construction of a growth environment suited to the needs of each individual child.

Moms and dads ... we are here for you!



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Neuroscience Psychologist

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Child Neuropsychiatrist

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Atelier Cresco also opens the doors to future / new mothers and their companions, proposing courses for couples or even dedicated to single mothers.

Courses dedicated to new mothers so that they can get back in shape, as well as take time for themselves ..
Courses instead dedicated to couples and not only, aimed at providing you parents with useful tools to be able to start your new life as parents in the best possible way.

There is no instruction booklet to guide you in becoming a parent, so many practical and emotional factors come into play.

The Atelier staff is here for this: to support you on this path of revolutionary change in your lives.

There is no need for perfect parents, but rather for adults who are sufficiently good and autonomous in their being themselves.

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